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This year’s squash coaching results from Werder Rackets have been most rewarding. Dave Dela Rue achieved his A grade and just kept improving all year...more

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About Us

Werder Rackets was founded by Dave Werder and has been trading for 30 years. Dave is a top squash coach, is rated as one of the best racket restringers in New Zealand, and has decades of experience in the racket sports industry. 

Werder Rackets sells a wide range of Tennis, Squash & Badminton rackets, shoes and accessories. We have a quick turnaround of racket restringing with expert advice/knowledge. 

Dave has played most of the racket sports at a good level and also is a very successful squash coach. Customers know they can shop with us knowing that our industry knowledge is second to none.

Werder Rackets is now operating the Hamilton Pro Shop located at the Hamilton Squash & Tennis Club on Tristram Street. They have a wide range of Tennis, Squash & Table Tennis equipment and offer a restringing service also.