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This year’s squash coaching results from Werder Rackets have been most rewarding. Dave Dela Rue achieved his A grade and just kept improving all year...more

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Head Smartsorb Dampener

Picture of Head Smartsorb Dampener
Tennis Shock Dampner


Babolat Loony Damp x2

Picture of Babolat Loony Damp x2
Fun vibration absorbers!


Prince Premier Silencer

Picture of Prince Premier Silencer
Vibration Dampener for Tennis.


Tecnifibre ATP Logo Dampener

Picture of Tecnifibre ATP Logo Dampener
Tecnifibre dampener to filter vibrations.


Tecnifibre ATP Tri-Colour Logo Damp 2 pack

Picture of Tecnifibre ATP Tri-Colour Logo Damp 2 pack
Filters vibrations, because you play better with good looking products.


Wilson Pro Feel Vibration Dampener

Picture of Wilson Pro Feel Vibration Dampener
The perfect dampener for more smooth play.


Wilson Shocktrap

Picture of Wilson Shocktrap
The Wilson Shock Trap is a vibration dampener that's wider in the middle to reduce shock and vibration where most balls are hit. Very secure fit.