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The ultimate eye protection for all racket sports, while still offering uninhibited visibility.

Werder Rackets is an official NZ Distributor of i-MaskTM

We receive a great deal of high praise about i-MaskTM  from players who endorse its design and superb safety features. Around the world this unique eyewear has helped save the face and eyes of many grateful squash players.

Here are some great features about i-Mask:

  • No fogging: i-MaskTM  is the player's first choice because it eliminates all of the disadvantages of other eyewear products. i.e. no fog-ups, hazing, nose discomfort and poor peripheral vision
  • Protects your glasses too: i-MaskTM  worn over your own glasses, will help support and protect them from racket swipe and ball impacts
  • Full all-round vision: With virtually no restrictions
  • Light as a feather: Because i-MaskTM  weighs so little you're likely to forget you are wearing it
  • Spare Parts: All four pieces of the i-MaskTM are replaceable. It should last a lifetime with correct care
  • Ideal for Home Handyman: i-MaskTM  is suitable for any project where eye protection is paramount
  • Junior Sizes: Simply swap to the junior size visor.

 Check out our range of i-MaskTM  with 10 great colours to choose from. You can even have them custom made with your club logo! Contact us now for more information.