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This year’s squash coaching results from Werder Rackets have been most rewarding. Dave Dela Rue achieved his A grade and just kept improving all year...more

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Salming Cannone Feather

Picture of Salming Cannone Feather
The Salming Cannone Feather Squash Racket is aptly named. It is a light, powerful racquet designed for the attacking player.


Salming Forza Pro

Picture of Salming Forza Pro
The Salming Forza Pro has been made lighter for this season which will be a welcome update for this popular racquet.


Salming Fusione Feather

Picture of Salming Fusione Feather
For those out there that prefer the traditional head shape and are looking for a light maneuverable racquet Salming has designed the Fusione Feather.


Salming PowerRay

Picture of Salming PowerRay
Light, thin, and maneuverable the new PowerRay from Salming is an attacking players dream!