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This year’s squash coaching results from Werder Rackets have been most rewarding. Dave Dela Rue achieved his A grade and just kept improving all year...more

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"I started playing squash regularly at age 21 when I joined the Marist Squash Club in Hamilton along with my wife. I was graded E2 to E1 for the entire period of 15 years at Marist SC until I joined Te Rapa Squash where the club statistician immediately re-graded me to D2. After a couple of seasons I was introduced to David Werder and I started having regular coaching with him over the following 5 or so years. In that period my game was consistently improving along with my grading. Having been resident in E grade for so long I had come to think that that was where I belonged in the world of Squash so it was rather exciting when things began to change and the players I once thought were too good were suddenly no threat and I had bigger fish to fry.

Most people reach their prime in sport during their 20s or even their 30s. Well, I know I’m a bit slow but when I reached B1 at the age of 45 and really feeling the best I’d ever felt about my game, I was blown away that there was a time I thought that E grade was the best I could do.

David has the ability to identify and then quantify the challenges that I faced and then showed me how to fix the technical faults in the best order for my game so that I was able to progress. During the time I was being coached by David, I found that the little details he would point out progressively lead to my improvement. There was always more that Dave would see, even when I thought I was already pretty shit hot (but then, B1 isn’t really that good, just a whole lot better than E1). What a shame I didn’t meet David when I was younger.

I can happily recommend Dave as a coach, having witnessed a continuous stream of players who have excelled beyond their expectations with results that have put some of his students among the best in the nation." - Peter McKay